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Dear Twitter, I am just another twitter user and these are my simple suggestions to you for your betterment. And I am sure most of the twitter users would appreciate these changes. I know many of you have also tweeted these concerns but I just wanted to list it down.

1. Mutual followers: It’s high time you show us who mutual followers are in-between two twitter users. It will help us build niche networks and indulge in meaningful conversations.

2. Deleting a Direct Message removes it from both the sender & receiver records permanently! Imagine this, unless you have a snapshot, you have no proof that so and so sent a particular DM if the sender deletes it! Now something seriously has to be done about this! There are twitter users who take advantage of this.

3. Changing the handle is very simple: It takes not more than 140 seconds: P. but what happens is the twitter user loses out on his/her older tweets. Tweets is what keeps the site running

4. Considering the number of time we spend on twitter, it would be ideal if twitter introduces birthday notifications. Birthday is a special occasion and we definitely don’t want to miss it out. Not easy to keep track of 300+ tweeps I am following. But twitter can make it really easy!

5. I would definitely love to see emoticons like 😛 🙂 😉

6. A margin of twitter users create an account, log in, feels it’s all shit n disappear in to a hiatus forever. Reminder or poke mails sent to them can seriously revive the way twitter is used.

7. Twitter users who have been around for a while can make out a fake account from a genuine one. It would be ideal to make verified accounts a must for all celebrities

8. Can all of us do something about Brit.ney.fuck.ed? Lolz, let her be! Sometimes she is an interesting topic for discussion, mock and what’s more, she brings your count to 1000 followers if you are on 999. But only until twitter cleans it for you or until u hit the block button Report as SPAM is a good new additional feature.

POST SCRIPT: For strange reasons (for simplicity, sssshhh I am technically challenged) I like to use twitter web, can u make the interface a little better. For Ex, twirhl, tweetdeck does have a retweet button. It would be nice to have that on twitter itself!

All said and done, twitter is just cool.

Okay hold on, should there be a drunken-tweet moderation post 10:30 PM??