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Category Archives: Myself

This is me, a nascent blogger, who has carefully taken every step possible to get some attention over the “BLOGOSPHERE”. Few weeks of research and here I go with my very first post on nadhis corner.

Well, to be honest I didn’t believe in the digital medium and have always, always considered it intangible. But it would be unfair to be persistent on my beliefs after having read through so much about social media and also without giving it a full-fledged and whole hearted try.

So nadhis corner is my experimentation….. And I hope to see positive results…. J

I have taken a sincere resolution that I shall be an active blogger… And I have got really valuable tips from my colleagues which should keep me going….

There isn’t much to say about myself but my core interests are Cricket, Music (by music I mean only AR Rahman, sorry!!! But I am a diehard fan), Indian History and politics. Politics in the every sense of it….

I am information savvy and you could probably notice me logged on to Google most of the time… I just cannot imagine the plight of people who existed BG (B4 Google)…

nadhis corner would contain everything on Cricket, ARR, Politics, Current happenings and of course my little contribution to social media and Digital Marketing…..