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Ban it Deepa is my neighbor, a good friend and a 27 year old expecting mother.  She conceived after four years of her blissful married life. The couple is perhaps the happiest couple; strong and confident, solved every hurdle they could before settling down for a baby. She quit her job the next day after she got her pregnancy report.

18th August 2009:

Deepa was three months pregnant. She could not wait to be a mom

12th November 2009:

Doctor says baby is very healthy and marks the due date on 15th of March 2010. Deepa leaves to her Mom’s place for a safe delivery. Her parents live in Kanchipuram

28thJanuary 2010:

Deepa is in to her eighth month. Doctor in Kanchipuram says there is a problem with the baby and orders them to leave to Chennai immediately and take a 3D Scan

29th January 2010:

Deepa comes to Chennai and explains the problem to her doctor. The scan is taken and the doctor does not feel sorry that the problem has not been rectified earlier.

31st January:

Deepa is admitted to the hospital immediately and is injected Oxytocin(to induce labor pain).

1st February 2010:

Deepa has a forced labor and the baby dies within two hours

Now what was the actual problem?  The baby’s brain and the nervous system failed to develop to its full extent.

Reason: The doctor cited Heavy Mobile phone usage as a reason. Apparently Deepa didn’t have a landline phone at her in-laws and used only her mobile, whenever she had to make a call

Let’s not debate on whether a Mobile phone is safe to use during pregnancy.

If you know someone who is pregnant ask her to follow these simple measures:

  1. Minimize the use of mobile phone
  2. Text a person instead of making a call
  3. Use landline.
  4. Always keep the phone at a distance
  5. Never take a call when the charge on your phone is low
  6. Switch off the phone when you go to bed at night. If you have to keep an alarm, there is an alarm clock invented for the purpose

Pregnancy is the most beautiful part of a women’s life. Don’t take risks