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sd Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, in the new spiritual and motivational series Ramayana – The Game of Life. What is the second book about: Drama of Rama’s exile. First of all my apologies to blogadda and Author Shubha Vilas for the delay in this review. The book took a while to be read. And moreover, I was reading another book when ‘Shattered Dreams’ arrived and could not get to it immediately. But what a delight it has been! The book is an absolute must read for all Ram premis and anyone who is interested to know the Ramayana in complete detail. The amount of research that has gone in to the game of the life series must have been pleasantly excruciating for the author, no doubt. It is absolutely important that the first book in the series be read before the second one because the premise is so strongly built in his first book ‘The Rise of Sun Prince’. What is the purpose of reading an epic if there is nothing that we are going to take away from it and apply to our everyday lives? Ramayana is story of Rama; the uttama purusha. Why read the epic if we can’t decipher the importance of it and take life lessons from it? Shubha Vilas only makes it easy for us through his thorough foot notes. This book is for the new India. Character portrayal is at its absolute best. The openings chapters gives an insight in to the ikshvaku dynasty, how king dashratha came to be called thus and the transformation of dasagriva to ravana. All of us have read about keikeyi and her boons and how she is manipulated to use it for her own son; bharatha. But very few people are aware of the promise made by King Dasharatha to Keikeiyi’s father. One really needs to read the book to go in to full and complete detail. Ram’s forgiving nature is put forward beautifully wherein he treats Kaikeyi the same way even if her approach towards him as changed. This is called the state wherein happiness and sorrows do not matter and a person behaves in the same way at all circumstances. One of the most interesting part of the book and a lesser known anecdote is that of the crow jayanta and how he is punished by Lord Rama through his Brahmastra; nevertheless every touch of Lord Rama can only bring goodness and jayanta flies away wiser than he was after he is blinded. The book has everything: the love of dasharatha and kaushalya for their son, lord rama; the ideal son, husband, brother, king and citizen, sita mai’s devotion, lakshmana’s dedication, bharata’s magnanimousness, kaikeyi’s desperateness, manthara’s cunningness, the goodness of sages and the love of thousands of citizens of Ayodhya for their king and most importantly the author’s journey in his spiritual pursuit. Do read this book for it is worth every single word in it!   Ramayana is indeed a way of life, a way of principles and a way of realizing the inner self. Rating: 3.5/5

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