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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin

If I would ever get a chance to pursue a specialization from UK, I would go for an MBA from the London Business School. Before, I would even explain why London Business School is an institute of my choice; I would like to just add that the UK is an excellent destination for a world-class education.

Why UK?

  • Hub of world class universities
  • Great Exposure
  • Produces the most employable professionals
  • Confluence of culture
  • The experience
  • The museums
  • Culture and Literature

Why I want to pursue an MBA?

There is no dearth of institutes in India offering an MBA, including the IIMs. However the approach to education is completely different in this side of the world; with a major focus on theory rather than a practical outlook.

I want to pursue an MBA to enhance my career and shit to new industries and roles. This would be a big step in my career advancement plan.

Why London Business School?

London Business School has a reputation of making professionals better. They create global leaders. It would also be a culturally enriching experience to learn and grow with students from various nationalities. I also truly believe that pursuing an MBA from London Business School will help me hone my skills and equip me with the latest knowledge required to meet up with the ever changing global economic scenario.

Knowledge is truly great and the UK is a great place to build your knowledge! Visit

This post is a part of the Knowledge is Great contest by Indiblogger



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