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Book: RIP

Author: Mukul Deva

Number of pages: 298

Price: Rs. 250

Mukul Deva’s RIP comes in perfect timing when the nation is rocked with too many scams and scandals and the public agitated. The book’s storyline is based on the current nation’s scenario.

There is no doubt about the thriller quotient. Though the beginning is slightly slow and predictable, the book picks up speed and leaves you turning the pages.

Each of the character has been deeply etched and adds a lot of depth to the storyline. While one may enjoy this as a one time read, this is not a kind of a thriller that you cannot get off your head for a few days after you have finished it.

The story line is strikingly similar to a Tamil Movie made in 2002 called ‘Ramana’. Whether the author has taken inspiration from the movie is not very clear.

Anyways coming back to the book, Colonel Krishna Athawalen and his team take it upon themselves to cleanse the system of corruption and inefficiency. The book begins with 3 murders in a row and even as the nation recovers from the shock, the K Team sends a message which gives clues to the next targets. The K team call themselves as RIP to tbe media, Resurgent Indian Patriots. The team called so as all of their names being with K.

These events send the Home Minister to frenzy and he appoints Mr. Bhagat to find out who leads the K Team and more importantly to guess who their next target would be. Meanwhile there is a CBI team led by Vinod Bedi who is also on his toes to capture the K team alive. The rest of the book depicts how the K Team sends a very strong message to the nation. Whether they would be able to achieve this successfully is the essence of the book. There are other elements of the book, Colonel Krishna Athawale’s past and Captain Bhagat’s past that adds a personal touch to the proceedings. There is a little bit of romance and emotions, but largely a fast paced action cum thriller book. The climax of the book is just too good to be true. But the cat and mouse chase just before the climax has been brought out so well by the author, that you can literally imagine it in your head.

Get this book and give it a read as the book is fitting only in the current scenario. This one is not the kind you would cherish on your bookshelf but would rather enjoy it as a one time read.

PS: A sincere and an honest effort from Mr. Deva. Kudos!

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