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Title: 31

Publisher: Westland

Author: Upendra Namburi

Number of pages: 372

Price: 250

This one was a complete surprise. I was a tad bit apprehensive when this book came up in Blogadda’s review program. But I had gone ahead and applied for a review and I am glad I did so.

First and foremost, read this book!

It has been ages since I read a riveting corporate thriller. The genre has not been much experimented by Indian Authors and it is indeed heartening that Upendra Namburi has pulled this off his hat.

The book has you hooked from Page 1. It starts on a merry note with Congratulatory emails running back and forth! And then starts the chaos and the author has done a brilliant job of keeping up at it till the very end. I was slightly disappointed when I saw the timeline based narration (which has become quite common these days) but it has worked very well for Namburi.

The reader can relate easily with the main character, Ravi Shastry who knows that the shit is going to hit the fan soon but has no idea how to avoid coming to the streets. The book offers everything that is possible in a corporate thriller; sexual harassment, HR Manipulation, a boss who wants to save his own ass, forgery, internal audits etc etc. The book also has his moments of Humor and has been entwined so well within the story. You would have come across situations like this in your own office and you might have met most of the characters. The protagonist’s wife’s character has been etched out so well and realistic. All characters are distinctive and well thought out. Kudos

‘31’ is a riveting and a must read, if corporate thrillers are your genre. I am not willing to give away more on the plot as one really has to sit down and read this one!

The writing is elegant and keeps the story fast paced till the last page! The best part of the book is the twitter dose from an anonymous insider who keeps giving snippets to the reader and adds a different charm to the narration. Very well done indeed.

The ending is the icing on the cake. We have seen many thrillers where the climax spoils the entire book but this one has got the formula right!

Go get this book and finish it one go!

Mr. Upendra Namburi, we are definitely waiting  for the next one!

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