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Book: Wings of Silence
Author: Shriram Iyer
Number of Pages: 254
Cost: 199

One was born with the Midas touch. The other was born deaf.

One was the winner his father wanted. The other was the black sheep.

One was loved by all. The other was a loner.

One loved life. The other yearned for death.

Two brothers. Two lives.

One chance.

Saurav Sethi, teenage prodigy and future tennis star in the making, watches his elder brother Raj fight a losing battle in life. But father Akshay Sethi turns a blind eye, letting his elder son spiral into the depths of depression.Saurav challenges destiny and prepares to give Raj a life he deserves, but will his life-changing decision see Raj’s seemingly impossible dream of running the marathon in the 1980 Olympics come to life? Or will it completely devastate the family to a point of no return? Set against a turbulent time during the cold war between the US and the USSR, the Sethi brothers embark on a roller coaster ride that will push their courage and grit beyond all known limits.


Wings of Silence revolves around two brothers and their destiny. Saurav Sethi, the younger one is naturally good at academics and sports and a sort of demi god. He is the star of the family and his dad, Akshay Sethi, an ex-Air Force officer adores him and leaves no stone unturned in making his son’s career as a tennis player. On the other hand there is Saurav Sethi, who is born deaf and dumb and faces way too many challenges. The Dad ignores him, he gets bullied at school, gets beaten up in the streets and his stronger younger brothers turns a blind eye. And one day, Saurav gets to read his elder brother’s mind through his Diary and takes it upon himself to make his brother achieve his dream of winning an Olympic marathon. Frankly the very dream itself seemed so ridiculous and out of place in the book, but well.The story though predictable has its own charm and some unexpected twists. The plot is good but it spans out in the most obvious fashion. The character portrayal is clichéd and some of the characters are out of place, especially Shalini. There are way too many unnecessary turns the book takes and it only irks a reader. Despite all the shortcomings, the book makes for an interesting and smooth read.If you are tired and want to read something light and gripping, go for it.

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