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The Wednesday Soul! Where do I begin? This is as funny as death can get. Before I begun the book, I was wondering how could anyone write funnily on a topic so serious. But as you start turning the pages, you have no time to think about it as you are most probably rolling on the floor laughing! The writing is downright simple and most importantly makes you imagine. Yes, that’s the major plus point of this book. You imagine souls, souls with sunglasses, souls with lightning rods, giant eagles, Jesus Christ in an all new avatar and many other characters you can’t even imagine. I was expecting Steve Jobs to have been mentioned somewhere, but what the hell his innovation did find a place and in the most unexpected fashion.

Nyra Dubey is a urban delhite who knows how to deal with the Delhi men. Just when action starts picking, the protagonist dies and she lives the most adventurous afterlife. She loses the love of her life only to meet him in other world. He is none other than Mr. Chitrgupta himself who is one of the greatest mathemagician. His second name was slyly mentioned only in the later part of the book but you do guess it.

Characterization was pure gold, especially Bari, Sachi, Radha Reclwis, Agatha, Inspector Sharma and etc etc, oh and Khangard and Pythagoras as well.

The best part of the story is when Nyra is subjected to third degree of torture by Sachi, which is nothing but the worst of worst puns you might have ever heard on earth err at the Department of Neutrality actually. We thankfully have many Sorabh Pants on earth (No, I dint mean Pants in the actual sense of Pants).

The author has created a whole new world in the book with new characters and the way they function. It makes you imagine and wonder so much. Frankly this is one of the best Humor books I have read in a long time (Please to note that I have not read PGW in a long long time. PGW is god okay? Ok). And while I just write this review, I realize that unlike other authors, Sorabh has not touched upon communities (madrasis, malyalis, gujjus, delhites) to evoke humor. It’s something that you might have never read before. It is an experiment and has worked upon brilliantly.
A sequel is in the offering and I am looking forward to it.

My only thoughtcast to you if you would pick this book, don’t give it a light reading or just skim through it. And if possible read the book in one go. If you lose 2-3 days in between every sitting you are most likely to read through all over again. Otherwise it’s just no fun. For Sachi’s sake, concentrate!

Go read this one! I wont rate this book unless i know Sorabh’s Eye-score. Yes it boils down to that. But for earthlings sake 4.75/5

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