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Book: Resident Dormitus
Author: Vikas Rathi
Number of pages: 196
Price: 195

Let me first put this straight across before I go in to the review: Resident Dormitus is that kind of a book that makes you think and deep. The focus is intense and it really makes you wonder what you want from life.

Resident Dormitus is a book that delves on previously unchartered territory – lives of young professionals and the changing psyches. The book explores in to the theme of existentialism, a theme which not many Indian authors have written about.

The protagonist of the book is Achet, who hails from a small town and ends up with a job in Mumbai. Achet, (peculiar sounding name (you’ve got to really read the book to know its different meaning) then travels around to Singapore and other places on work and meets interesting people. The book revolves around four other characters; Dev, Arjuna, Alex and Bala. The author does give in short yet interesting snippets in to their life. The lives of five colleagues are interwoven so well that it doesn’t even run in to five different stories.

His corporate life takes him to different places and at every stage; every instance Achet wonders how it influences his life and thinking. Some of the paragraphs in the book might require you to read it twice or thrice to completely grasp the message from it. Overall it makes you think.

Resident Dormitus is also the kind of book which is light hearted as well as intense. It totally depends on the reader. And of course, you wont put it down till you are done with it.

The most important twist in the story comes when Dev commits suicide. The scene has been depicted so well that it makes you think on an entirely new parallel. Young professionals ought to read this book as it depicts how youngsters go through a crisis as they step in to the corporate world.

The book made me think deep and these are the words I put down once I read it:
I asked myself ‘Who am I?’ and when I really thought on it I realized how all of us face a identity crisis. The answer to this question may differ at various stages in life depending on what you are going through. Who you are is basically a culmination of your feelings, ambitions, hopes, fears and characteristics.

Vikas Rathi is definitely a refreshing change with authors popping up in every city and every day! The fact that he writes on a new theme and the fact that the characters in the book are not stereotypes score brownie points.

The writing is brilliant and extraordinary in parts. Give this book a read.
Rating: 3.5/5
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