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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Book: Ineligible bachelors
Author: Ruchita Mishra
Page Numbers: 250 odd
Price: 195

Ineligible bachelors is that kind of book to which you may not even give a second glance, if you happen to see it at a bookstore
When this book came up in the Blogadda’s review program, I gave it a second thought and applied to review. I was surprised when I received the book. 250 pages, which means 4 hours, which means one sitting
‘Ineligible bachelors’ makes for a breezy read. In fact even a 5th grade kid could read it at ease. This must be the only book where I dint have to pick a dictionary to find the meaning of a particular word. The content could have easily done with more quality. Frankly the quality was just plain depressing. The major plus point of the book is its pace. The story never slows down. The fact that the author cut down most of the unnecessary description may suggest that she wanted to keep the book short.

Another major put off was the Diary mode used in the book. The book definitely doesn’t read like a diary with the gazillion conversations it holds. It could have just been a story? Why the clichéd diary-like short story book?

As far as the story is concerned, it’s a predictable and most-oft used formula used in Bollywood. At one point, I started wondering if the book was a remake of a bollywood movie.

The sotry goes like this: Kasturi, a 24 year old management professional lands a job in a big telecom company. She moves to Delhi for work. Meanwhile her mother keeps fixing dates for her daughter with ‘(in)eligible bachelors’. She keeps meeting one by one, mainly because she cant fight her mom’s drama and theatrics. She falls in love with her boss, Rajeev Sir who is also in love with her. Her friend, Ananya is hit by an auto one day. Dr. Purva Dixit (who is one of the guys Kasturi’s mom sees for Kasturi) brings Ananya back to feet. Apparently the auto guy belongs to some mafia group. So when kasturi gave a sketch to the police to track him down, they corner her one day and beat her up. Dr. Purva Dixit saves Kasturi in totally bollywood style. Meanwhile Ananya is in love with Pita Ji (Amay) who is one of the guys Kasturi’s mom sees for Kasturi. Kastrui is only glad that Pita Ji is out of her way. Ananya, Pita Ji and Varun discover that Rajeev is cheating on Kasturi. They somehow let her know of that. Katuri breaks up with Rajeev.Kasturi realizes she is in love with Dr. Purva Dixit. And they live happily ever after.

This is a book you can afford to miss! I would have liked this story if I had read it in 8th grade! I would not say this is a great ‘debut’ book!

Rating: 2/5

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