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Book: Bombay duck is a fish
Author: Kanika Dhillon
Price: 195
Number of pages: 315

First of all, my apologies to Blogadda and Kanika Dhillon in the delay in putting this review up@! My mom was admitted for a surgery and I had little time to sit down and peacefully write a review
I read the book twice to write this review. No not because it is that interesting or it is complicated. Due to personal reasons, I could not put up my blog in a weeks time as it is required from the Blogadda’s book reviews program. I didn’t remember much part of the book after a break of ten days and hence had to read through quickly once again.
Bombay duck is a fish by Kanika Dhillon makes for a very interesting and gripping read, infact you can finish reading the book in one sitting. The book is like a 3 hour bollywood movie.
Neki Brar, a small town girl makes her way to Mumbai to make a career in film making. The major plot of the story is on the film sets, where Neki happens to be admist all disasters. The story starts with the protagonist holding a bottle of wine and sitting on a terrace, contemplating suicide. She then takes us through her journey from Amritsar to Mumbai and also her day to day life on the film sets.
The author gives us a fair sketch of the behind the scene happenings in Bollywood. It all makes up for an interesting read but it isn’t something unknown to the common man.
What troubles me about the story is that there is no time to connect and feel with the main character. Halfway through the book, I was tempted to turn to the last page and check if Neki dies or lives. Apparently that’s all I wanted to know, whether Neki lives her dream or not. But I decided to read through the pages and the ending shocked me. The ending seemed so typically bollywood.
Another typically bollywood aspect of the book was the god level treatment to SRK. Of course only in the acknowledgement pages did I realize that SRK is the boss. He must be a damned good boss!
The life she lives with her three equally hopeless roommates is the side track to the main story. The story with her roommates is interesting and some of the situations depicted are so realistic which makes for a good break from the bollywood setup of the plot.
There is love and betrayal all through out the movie. Neki falls in love with the second lead and there are scenes where you just feel like giving Neki a tight slap.
Bombay duck makes for a good one time read. Not the kind of book that you would remember next morning.
P.S: I would have been happy if Neki lived her dream. I don’t really want to read a sequel with Neki being reborn as SRK’s daughter or something. Well, you never know 😉
Rating 3/5

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