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Every year during the Navaratri season, so many friendly maamis come home to invite us to see the golu and eat sundal. I was invited by my friendly neighbor, Raji, to take a look at the golu she had set up. She managed to drag me to her place on the last day of navaratiri. I had had enough beer for that day and hoped I do not speak anything that I should not.

Raji’s mom (whom we all fondly call as maami) got me a plate of sundal and a cup of filter kappi. I finished it off in less than five minutes and then thought it won’t look good if I just sit around there tweeting random stuff about sundal. So I decided to have a look at the decorations. Nine-step golu and a play ground and a school and a park and even a cricket field were neatly set. And yes lighting too. The cricket field deserves a special mention with all that plastic grass and all.

However the nine-steps were a delight to look at. And then came a kid from another house and quizzed me on the gods laid on the steps. I managed to get at least 6 right. To prevent further image damage, I decided to make a move.

I gave raji some flowers and decided to leave. By then, Maami and Raji’s grandma came down dressed in a Madisar. I have always wondered how madisar mami’s pee. I was about to ask the patti and by then maama (Raji’s dad) was home. Maami went to the kitchen to perform the most important duty of her life since marriage – to make a heavenly cup of filter kappi.

Coming back to the important point, how do madisar maami’s pee? I had been to a marriage once and saw a madisar patti visit the loo. But how on earth did she pee?

I gathered all the courage and went up to raji’s patti to get an answer for the ever elusive question.

Me: Patti

Patti: Sollu ma.

Me: Indha madisar la neenga yepadi… pee.. adhavdhu.. indha madisar yepadi katikuringa

Patti: adhu rumba easy

Me: Illa yepadi

Patti: Yena yepadi

(by this time, another question came to my mind)

Me: Illa pavada illama yepadi?

Patti: Rajjiiiiii, un frienduku vela irukan de, ava aathuku kelambralam, vethala pakku kudu

Me: Patti, sorry

Patti: Pavada illama dhan madisar kattipa. Indha kalathu ponnungaluku vyavasthaya illa.

Me: Patti, idhu 6 yard madisaara illa 9 yardsa

Patti: 9 yard

Me: *gulp*

By then raji came and nudged me out. I told her what happened. She had a hearty laugh and also thanked me that I did not ask her mom

And I walked out with a Plastic plate, vethala pakku and bananas. But my question remained unanswered. And then i asked several maami ponnus and they confirmed that the madisaar is neatly tucked out and tucked in during micturation. A part of the saree runs between the legs and can only be handled by expert maamis

P.S: This post is in no way an offense to Madisar Maamis. Maamis are the sweetest women.



  1. hahaha.. good one!!

    i too had this doubt wen i saw mom in a 9yard saree.. total fascination how they wear it.. yes, minus inskirt… and nowadays i see people wearing a kinda shorts inside to drape the 9yards!!

    as for other question..lemme know if u find the answer.. 😉

  2. Ha ha ha…. I too wonder but never gathered enough courage to voice it out to anybody!! 😛

    • i had had enough beer 🙂 so it wasnt difficult to ask. i also had a stupid grin on my face while asking 😛

  3. I did read the answer, but the mystery in my head is “how”[shakes head in disbelief]?????? unless i experience it i shall not know i guess 😀

  4. @aarti ahem. then its time to experience it. get married and start wearing madisaar

  5. You should actually post a pic! North Indians wont understand 🙂

    • i would have added an image. but nothing available on clipart

  6. Nice one! 🙂

  7. oh, after a long time came here to read an article on lighter vein!!! ha ha ha

  8. Lol, I searched for madisaar images on google, and all i am able to find are Porno-images and namita!

  9. Just how did I miss this blog all these days??? No further comments. 🙂 Followed you on twitter immediately.

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