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Last week my gtalk status read as: “I so wanna go to Israel”. Atleast 50 frinds pinged on chat asking why on earth i wanted to go to israel!

And here is why –

I was not much of a World Music person until last year. I wouldn’t go out of the way to listen to good music. I was just happy with these filmy songs and ARR’s music. For me music meant Rahman. Last year, in the hot summer month of May, a colleague of mine forced me to a festival. I had no clue what the festival is going to be until I went there.

Date: May 2009

Time: 06:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Venue: Lady Andal – Venkata Subba Rao Hall

What was it: EarthSync Festival 2009 – Shoshan Live

Artist: Shye Ben Tzur and a bunch of enthusiastic qawwalis

Shye Ben-Tzur is an acclaimed Israeli composer, producer and performer who has been in India for the past decade, creating music which brings together traditional Sufi Qawwali, Rajasthani rhythms with western elements.

11:00 PM: The show went on until about 11 PM and I was totally totally stunned. The crowd just went frenzy at the hall. The music did something to me, which I am not able to put in words. When I came out of the hall I realized I was in tears. The lyrics were predominantly Hebrew which was set in tune with qawwali music. I did not understand a word but it still touched my soul. That was the first ever Shoshan Live performance in the World and i was glad that i had the chance to watch it, hear it, see it and feel it

Here is the trailer video of that show if you want to know what I am speaking about:

Here is a link to one of his album tracks:

Some pictures from the show:

Shye Ben Tzur Live in Action

Shye Ben Tzur

Shye Ben Tzur is performing live today in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has had two live shows in Israel in this month and going by the pictures that he posted on Facebook, looks like the hall was tightly packed! I only wish he comes back to India for another such mesmerizing perfromance

P.S. – This blogpost has been pending in the drafts for a year now! Since i have quit, i just have nothing to do but blog.



  1. i didnt know about this guy… may be i should listen to his works ….

    thanks for this blogpost…

  2. Sufi is really close to God . Agreed totally !

  3. When you say, “the music did something to me, which I am not able to put in words” it a reiteration of the fact that music has no language; it’s universal. You need to listen to music with your heart…

    The magic and the atmosphere of a live performance can NEVER do justice elsewhere – even with the best of recordings. I went for a Naresh Iyer show a couple of weeks back… the guy rocked… I mean he realllllllly ROCKED… simply awesome… yet when the same was recorded and posted on Facebook it was just too flat… without the acoustics to do justice, it wasn’t even 5% as good as listening to him live… in fact, it didn’t do him any good posting that video…

    Mercifully, the above videos weren’t that bad.. in fact, I quite enjoyed it.. thanx for sharing it… great fusion… and, of course, I love Sufi.


  4. After reading this I’m eagerly waiting for this years earthysync festival. Having friends all over the world. I have enjoyed Iranian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican music… And as Natarajan bro said above music has no language & its’ just a feel we need to realize it..

  5. i read about him only a few days back n wanted to listen to his brand of fusion music. his new album Shoshan has been launched recently in India n going by the reviews, it is a must watch.
    thanks for sharing. n grrr for not posting it pehle 🙂

  6. thank you for sharing tis one… it gives peace 🙂

  7. Hmmm. Competition. Tough Competition. 😉

    Lovable post. I wonder why u had kept it like that. Keep it up. 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this, I loved Shye Ben Tzur’s music. I shared it with others too. 🙂

  9. I haven’t heard of Shye Ben Tzur, but but did hear to Sufi songs. Its too soothing and touches the heart.

    Agreed to Natty Sir, Music has no language. Its just something that can’t be explained, but always felt.

  10. EarthSync rocks. I have become quite addicted to KnG and Laya project. 🙂 Now I am tempted to get rest of their albums.

    I am glad that you and Krithikan introduced me to EarthSync. 🙂

  11. @suree – thanks check him out, he is a gem

    @Vshakthi – +1 to that sir

    @natty – thank you for the wonderful comment sir. nothing to beat a live show.

    @pprakash – yes lets go 😀

    @adee – listen to the songs and let me know how u liked it

    @aditi – peace 🙂

    @hg6 – thanks guruji 😛 (guru of music blogging)

    @poonam – thanks poonam

    @chetan – listen to Shye Ben Tzur’s shoshan and feel the magic

    @shivaranjan – wot every penny dude 🙂

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