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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Its been a year on twitter today!

Had twitter never been invented or had I not been on twitter, I would have never known all of you guys. You guys make my timeline!

I would like to thank some really special twitter friend this day..

@umennet – for getting me on to twitter

@delhidreams – My best buddy on twitter πŸ˜›

@Viveksingh – One of my earliest buddies on twitter. Loads of fun, always ready to pull your leg Β πŸ˜› loved the cricket discussions we used to have.

@hiyer – A total sweetheart. Glad to know you πŸ˜›

@hg6 – Hmmmm.. what do I write?? πŸ˜›

@streetanchor – The all rounder. Followed him because of Vasu’s DP and I am still waiting to see him 😦

@hnatarajan – A friend, a guide, a mentor.

@sizzler_chetan – the SEO guy! I go to him for any technical doubts. Showered me with gifts on my birthday πŸ™‚

@oldmonkmgm – Β I can actually write a separate blog on him.

@ahmedhussain – a genuine friend. Avid Zoho Marketer. πŸ˜›

@meerasapra – The comic queen. Tweeting CNH along with her was so much fun. I miss it girl

@aravindkumar –Β  I remember he had invited me for a tweetup at Mylai Masala and that was the first ever tweetup for me. To be really frank, I felt β€œy d hell am I here”. πŸ˜›

@msnarain @dilipm @divvi @just_reva @thenewbnb – had met these tweeps in my first ever tweetup!!! Narain – Wondering if I have anything good to say about him. @dilipm – Photog I admire @divvi – comes rarely on twitter. So don’t know much about you girl. @just_reva – Her Tamil tweets are super fun (the best one that I still remember is – Knock Knock β€œ yaru ange” β€œnan dhan kusu pena”@fartingpen) @thenewbnb – She has gone on a twitter hiatus but twolay was awesome!

@rahulrakesh @kanika1386 @vikaskumar @saurabhsaggi Β @bhawna_sharma– bunch of PR buddies whom I know from the time I joined twitter. PR rants are super fun

@palinn – Have learnt loads and loads and loads from him. Just following him on twitter gives you the right links to knowledge

@anaggh – Now now what do you want me to say.. anaggh iz god πŸ˜€

@b50 – πŸ™‚ I can only say thanks to this man. He has steered me clear of so many confusions. Hugs

@shaaqt – the Wheeee girl. I envy her Marathi.

@pprakash – I consider myself lucky to have met this gem of a person on twitter. As I have said before, I have been my honest best to him. I think he is the only person to whom I have never ever lied

@balasn – another fun fella, it was really great shopping for ur mommy and also those filter kappi treats

@softykid – well, I think certain things are best not said. We have come a long way.Β  Glad to have an elder brother like you

@shamz911 – Patti, Marapatti

@ikaveri – this lady has got the guts! I admire her

@startonomics: totally fun chap. but conversations can be serious at times πŸ™‚

@pappe_it_is – Β My cerelac buddy. Let’s catch up soon for a cerelac tweetup. Only the two of us!

@kmcherian – The only celeb I follow. *Respects*

@v_shakthi – I ask a question and he is ready with the answer. Super awesome tweep and comes up with FFs that I don’t deserve at all πŸ˜›

@netra – The networking guru. Remember the day she called me to sort out some outbursts on twitter. Was so super sweet of you!

@ratzzz – The take it easy girl! I have never managed to be like her. Never will I even if I try @wiredvijay – the portrait photographer – thank u for all the DP’s Β πŸ˜€

@sudhamshu – Well he is professional even on twitter!! Like seriously

@AiyerChitra – totally \m/ photographer. Ur images have been a treat to the eyes

@hiway – Bikes, camera, Marathi – envy all three of it πŸ˜›

@maheshmurthy – haven’t interacted much with him but have religiously read all that he has written so far.

@crucifire – the yay man and also @fraand

@d33pak – We have the plan ready to kill you when you visit Chennai. Cc @krithikan πŸ˜›

@radha_ – I know she won’t read this because somewhere she is either capturing a bird or clouds J I never miss her flickr links!

@flyyoufools – I know you have surely forgotten this. But you owe me a treat. Remember I sent u the story on Flyyoufools that appeared in MetroPlus ??

@gai3pradeep – πŸ™‚

@qwiky – He is the right person for cricket conversations. (Don’t go by the handle: He is not quick in replies). Total sweetheart

@flyfiddlesticks – he loves to argue, he loves to fight, he loves to contradict every statement you make and that’s what makes him so much fun to be with

@mercplus – Just one word – SWEET

@cruisemaniac – Geek and a nice friend. Coffee addict.

@ashumhatre – if i don’t receive the Adam Gilchrist poster and baggy green cap in the next ten days, u ll be blocked. πŸ˜›

@sathybhat & @shivaranjan – Never put i-phone people together. They will NOT spare a thought for you.

@beastoftraal and @surekhapillai – Β PR gurus. Β I just sit back and watch the conversations they have.

@tinucherian – Wikipedia Guru

@fossiloflife – he is the ‘never care a damn’ guy. Happy and contended with wills, beer and i-phone. U owe me a treat!

@creatitiwitty – Cricket, fun and humor. Β Missed him loads when he was away.Β  Hope he doesn’t take another twitter break

@bsandeep – He is ready to kill for me πŸ™‚

@agnnair – Another cricket freak. we are hunting for cricket based jobs πŸ™‚

@amoldhir – tissue-paper cartoonist! V actually fought before becoming friends

@soravjain – Social media freak. I have convinced him to change his DP. And he owes me a pani-puri treat, u guys promise and comfortably forget

@instantmusings – Know him only recently but a very interesting follow

@tittoantony: He is my malayalam teacher, refer @shamz911 to c how well i have learnt πŸ˜€

@tantanoo – The comic man! He finally sent me the gift so he is sweet. Well actually he is πŸ˜€

P.S: If I have missed someone then blame my poor memory