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Ban it Deepa is my neighbor, a good friend and a 27 year old expecting mother.  She conceived after four years of her blissful married life. The couple is perhaps the happiest couple; strong and confident, solved every hurdle they could before settling down for a baby. She quit her job the next day after she got her pregnancy report.

18th August 2009:

Deepa was three months pregnant. She could not wait to be a mom

12th November 2009:

Doctor says baby is very healthy and marks the due date on 15th of March 2010. Deepa leaves to her Mom’s place for a safe delivery. Her parents live in Kanchipuram

28thJanuary 2010:

Deepa is in to her eighth month. Doctor in Kanchipuram says there is a problem with the baby and orders them to leave to Chennai immediately and take a 3D Scan

29th January 2010:

Deepa comes to Chennai and explains the problem to her doctor. The scan is taken and the doctor does not feel sorry that the problem has not been rectified earlier.

31st January:

Deepa is admitted to the hospital immediately and is injected Oxytocin(to induce labor pain).

1st February 2010:

Deepa has a forced labor and the baby dies within two hours

Now what was the actual problem?  The baby’s brain and the nervous system failed to develop to its full extent.

Reason: The doctor cited Heavy Mobile phone usage as a reason. Apparently Deepa didn’t have a landline phone at her in-laws and used only her mobile, whenever she had to make a call

Let’s not debate on whether a Mobile phone is safe to use during pregnancy.

If you know someone who is pregnant ask her to follow these simple measures:

  1. Minimize the use of mobile phone
  2. Text a person instead of making a call
  3. Use landline.
  4. Always keep the phone at a distance
  5. Never take a call when the charge on your phone is low
  6. Switch off the phone when you go to bed at night. If you have to keep an alarm, there is an alarm clock invented for the purpose

Pregnancy is the most beautiful part of a women’s life. Don’t take risks




  1. So sad… It would be really a horrible feel to experience this… Avoiding mobile is not a impossible thing hence we can seriously reduce it’s use atleast during pregnancy….

  2. Very Sad and very touching ! I am unable to digest this at all ! Very disturbing . God be with her .

  3. This is indeed very sad to hear. She would be having a horrible time which cannot even be put to words. Usage of phones is not something I would comment on but I hope she recovers soon, emotionally and physically.

  4. my heart goes out to deepa… really does..

  5. It is rather shocking to know the diagnosis. Very sad for both the parents ofcourse, my condolences to them.

  6. Very sad. My colleague also faced the same problem in last month. But this case child alive with some neonatal problems.

  7. The doctor said its due to heavy mobile usage? I was not aware that health hazard due to mobiles is a scientifically proven fact, esp causing such grave problems!

  8. This is horrible. It should be made mandatory with the manual of the mobile instrument to add the health hazards that mobile phone carries.


  9. Very sad to hear the story 😦
    Can I use this story with your permission to spread awareness through my blog Naddy?

  10. this is very sad and very disturbing. Didn’t know mobiles can have that effect on pregnant women.

  11. a simple thing that could have prevented a tragedy. i pray no mother has to go through this again.

  12. This is really something very shocking.

    I always thought that technology will eventually alleviate all our pain but sadly I always discover that it is only making our lives more complicated and more than often more painful.

  13. thank you twarling.. for putting it so simply. this is very effective and drives the message rightly.

    Yes, lets not debate… lets be cautious.

  14. Very shocking. With every technological advancement comes its own health hazards. Its up to us, the users to avoid excessive usage of the same.

    Hope God gives her strength to cope with this Tragic loss.

  15. A very sad tale. Hope God gives strength to Deepa.

  16. Very sad. My heart goes out to Deepa and her family.

    However I do not agree with the doctor. All the studies I have gone thru suggest mobile phone to cause hyperactivity and emotional problems in children but not fatality. But I am not a doctor.

    Mobile phones cause non-ionised radiation like the TV, computer, microwave etc. In US and EU the SAR is limited and define by the gov. All mobiles sold in these countries are supposed to comply with this limits. India does not mandate that cell phone makers declare the SAR level which might have a higher SAR which could cause more problems.

  17. sad 😦 mobile phone is really hazardous.. ppl should avoid too much usage of it..

  18. This is a very sad incident & very informative post. I am not sure how many people knew about this, but Mobile phone is dangerous. Use headsets to minimize the radiation affecting you is a advice to all. Instead of talking on phone, you can speak through headsets & keep the phone near it.

    Well written & good post Nadhi

  19. that’s really sad.. thanks for informing all of us!!

  20. Hows does Deepa feel now? Please take care that she doesn’t fall into the trap of self-punishment. I hope everyone around her understands that and helps her cope with the situation emotionally and physically.

    Scientifically, how much this is true, may be another topic of debate. But it’s better to spread such realities even though it may sound sensational when one writes it down as a post. Thanks for sharing.

  21. alas we have all become such a slave to this contraption and now it has blood on it!
    It is surprising as to why the companies BSNL MTNL are not able to sell their landlines despite such heavy risks!
    seems like a cartel is there to promote mobile usage and scoff at landlines

  22. The same goes for wi-fi. Any radio signal of suficent strength that is within 2 meters of the human body is harmful including radio, tv, mobiles and wi-fi.

    I am electro-magnetically sensitive. I’m sure unborn babies aren’t all resistant to electro-magnetic waves.

  23. touched! Ban Mobile, use twitter instead!

  24. Really sorry for your friend. Don’t know on what basis did the doctor said it is because of excess cell phone usage, any such argument is yet to be proven scientifically.

    But, as u said there is no point arguing on that, lets say prevention is better than cure.

    Prayers, stay safe 🙂

  25. Very Sad.. I’ll pray to God to give her strength to recover from this.. God be with her..

  26. Sad and disturbing. We must spread the message about i’ll effects of mobile phones. I’m sure a lot of expecting women won’t be aware of it.

  27. for those large numbers that appear on the bills, we’re hardly given the care we need to be here in our country.

    personalised communication between the doc and the patient isn’t as common here as in the west. that’s the key element to the prevention of such tragedies. sorry to state this, minus a few exceptions.

    it’s time someone spread the word. Good on you Nadhu.

  28. That’s very sad. My heart goes to Deepa and her family.

    Any idea how Doctors found the exact cause? Brain and nervous system failure can be caused by several other factors too.

  29. To understand the dangers of cell phones and cordless phones, you can read the Bio Initiative Report at

  30. @pprakash : yes minimizing the use will help
    @Shakthi: It was terrible to c her totally devastated
    @Tanuj: Thank you. We are hoping the same too
    @Compulsivewriter: may god be with her
    @Sudhamshu: Lets hope such instances don’t occur more often
    @hyderabadi – hope ur colleague recovers soon
    @Priyanaka: Not scientifically authenticated yet
    @Saket: Long way to go
    @chetan – u re the best
    @munish – spread d word
    @adee: yes lets pray
    @viveksingh – technology comes with its own package of hazards
    @aham – thank you. Twugs
    @milcom – hoping for the same
    @meena: we are with her
    @satish – as I have written in the post “LETS NOT DEBATE”. Tats not the purpose
    @magesh – yes not only pregnant women, but harmful to anyone
    @Gautham – tats a valid point I missed – USE OF HANDSFREE. Thanks da
    @simplypoet welcome
    @Emmanuel – We are with her. She has the strength
    @Neerja – well said
    @RedM – thanks for pointing out
    @Sid. 
    @Drwiz – There u go!
    @livetorque: we all are with her
    @Pingbak – thanks Chetan
    @nikhilesh – spread d word
    @Varun – this is surely a one off incident
    @Solilo – How is totally another post
    @weatherall – thanks mate

  31. Yea, this is really terrifying and my heart goes out to deepa and her family…but we must have a realistic check on whether there was any other issue or complication apart from the one developed by excessive usage of mobile..excessive mobile usage is kind of generic statement and there is no real parameter to check could be one of the small factors but am not sure whether it is the real so many other things, which has counter affects if used excessively mobile usage must also be minimized…

  32. Very shocking indeed. And kudos to you that you are spreading the word.

  33. This is really terrible 😦 In fact, I am lost for words.

    It’s about time we do something to spread awareness of the hazards of excessive use of technology.

    Nadhi, you’ve made a start.

  34. oh! I must inform this to my niece!.. unfortunately not many ppl are aware of this.. I never knew this either..

    some steps should be taken to avoid such unfortunate incidents.. let us know what can be done.

  35. Very sad story.. Condolences to the young mother, and hope they find the strength to try again.

    I wouldn’t debate the mobile phone question, since there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to back up this doctor’s claim.. What concerns me more is the state of the medical system, that such a problem was not detected on time (especially if the use was during early pregnancy, it should certainly have been discovered), and what sort of doctor would cite such a flimsy reason for what seems to be primarily a lack of proper medical attention ?

  36. This is truly disturbing… 😦
    Point is even people who are pregnant are ready to debate rather being precocious. And mainstream media won’t publish this as this is not only unscientific, but also puts them against their ad-money. Sad.

  37. I meant to say pre-cautious. Sorry for the mistake.

  38. very sad to read the despair story… difficult to believe..!!

    thankx for the info.. wld update my near n dear ones ..!!

    take care…!! GBU…!!

  39. Very sad and touching story.. I didnt knew that mobile phone is so dangerous.. Will make sure that i use it occasionally.

  40. Thatz really sad .. God be with them!

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  41. Why not debate it? This doctor is talking through his ass. There is not a single scientific study confirming it. He could just as easily have said drinking too much water caused it.

    In this age, we all use mobile phones heavily. If there were indeed a significant risk to babies, you can bet your ass there would be more noise about it.

  42. Its shocking and sad. Yes the mobile usage needs to be removed.

  43. Shocking n sad…. shows how ignorant we are!!!

  44. hm. one more addition to the unproven fear-factor list for pregnant women..

    it is obvious that the doctors used it to cover up their own negligence – of not detecting it earlier during the pregnancy.

    how can a doctor give a scientifically unproven hypothesis as a reason? did they officially write it down on her report??

    while media and email-marketers takes the max mileage out of these incidents, does anyone go to the depth to prove/disprove the diagnosis?

    Result: more expecting moms who live each day in fear rather than in enjoyment of the experience.

    -a dad-to-be.

  45. Really sad to know this !!!
    But I would like to know how true is this ? I mean is this someone you know quite well and you know for sure the reason is because of EM wave radiation ? As such there is no studies so far showing direct connection i thought !!!

    Please clarify !


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