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Monthly Archives: May 2009


I received a friend request from one Mr Abishek Kumar on facebook. I am just a month old on facebook and this request was kind of intriguing.  I was wondering if any of my school buddies managed to find me out. But no, it was a total stranger. I checked out his profile…. 300 and odd friends!! and it looked like a proper profile. And he was from Pakistan. As all of you would have imagined, without a second thought, I ignored the invite. I would have done the same if I had received an invite from an Indian stranger. But there is sure something that’s too strange when it’s something from Pakistan.

What should have prompted me to instantly ignore that request even without a second thought? After all it was a social networking site.

I sat thinking about this much later. All I could think of was the hatred that was lingering between the two countries that were formerly one. Another important factor is the blatant underdevelopment that prevails. But what restricts us from making friends with them? With Pakistan, with Pakistanis??? Why is the stadium euphoric when a match is between India and Pakistan? The hatred is carried out even to sports!! Rather than hatred its an aggresive spirit against Pakistan. Why is it totally different when it comes to Pakistan?

The core purpose of networking sites itself is to make new friends, network and build your circle of friends. And such sites do not have geographical barriers. I have been lucky enough to get to my school friends and managed to make new friends too. 🙂

Why is the scenario different when it comes to Pakistan???? Give in your thoughts and opinions.