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Monthly Archives: April 2009


Well this man, MSD is my role model… and here goes the post on him….

MSD, I feel is the best thing to have happened to Indian Cricket. I read somewhere that as a kid, Mahi enjoyed soccer much more than cricket, but thankfully his interests took a u-turn and he turned to cricket. He has had a journey of sorts and today he is wat he is because of his hard work, He started his debut at 18 as a middle-order batsman with the Jharkhand team. From being a powerful hitter, he is responsibly turned to a mature player today. His journey has been really long from junior cricket to Bihar team to India ‘A’ team and has efficiently moved to the international platform and has proved his mettle at leadership, managerial and match winning skills. His success rate is just amazing. Amazing is too less a word to describe his captaincy…  It has been splendid and fantabulous….

MSD, as a batsman, as a keeper, as a captain, as a mentor and lastly as a person, is just one of those very few you could find. (Just Like me ;-))


Well to start with, MSD’s name was suggested to the BCCI by Sachin Tendulkar himself. Just this thing is enough to prove his caliber.

MSD is yet to lose a test series as a captain. Out of the seven series he has captained, he has won five and drawn 2… now tats what we say is Success…

His success % as a ODI captain is 62 (these days we see the team winning more often 🙂 ) which has been the best when compared to previous captain. Of course there is no comparison to captains like Sunny, Bishen Singh, Kapil and other legends. But Mahi has received tremendous appreciation from these all time captains. Kapil dev often quotes that Mahi is a better captain than himself….  he is the first Indian captain to win 9 ODIs in a row…

But people say that MSD has got loads of luck but what I say is luck favors the bravest and smartest…


Mahi got introduced himself as a Flamboyant and destructive batsman. His 183 not out against Lanka would still be fresh in the minds of his fans. He has managed to remain on top of the charts for ICC ODI Batsman rankings.


MSD, the keeper and the skipper of the Great Indian team has managed to balance his roles and responsibilities on field. It’s not all that easy to keep and captain at the same time, but yes MSD is captain cool and he has entrusted Zak with the responsibility of setting up the field and mentoring the pace bowlers. And now for the stats, he holds the record for most catches by an Indian player in an innings. Dhoni also equaled Syed Kirmani’s record for most dismissals in an innings by an Indian wicket-keeper.

Ok enough of statistics, now for some touching moments……

· Remember when dada announced his retirement suddenly, MSD hands over the captaincy to dada for sometime …

· Remember MSD carrying Jumbo on his shoulders when jumbo was to retire….

· Remember MSD taking his guys out to watch Om Shanthi Om, who cares if its deepika or kareena, he is captain cool….

· Remember the T20 World cup victory… As his team mates celebrated a great Indian victory over arch-rivals Pakistan to clinch the Twenty20 World Cup, Dhoni was busy attending to a young Indian fan, who got the captains shirt as the souvenir for the memorable win at the Wanderers. In a touching gesture, Dhoni not only gifted his shirt but also helped the young lad to put it on.

There have been many other moments, on and off the field that just describes his sweetness beyond words.

Now for the final stuff,


All of us would have seen so many advertisements endorsed by MSD and man what a cool actor he is… the funkiest of the pick would be Mysore Sandal Soap and Orient PSPO fan 😉

He is my role model, I draw a lot of inspiration from him, for the kind of talent he possesses he still has his head stuck to his shoulders…


To vot or not to vote

TO VOTE is an extremely precious and valuable privilege that we as citizens of a democratic (the world’s largest democratic nation) nation enjoy. We choose leaders, we choose leaders to govern us and most often we end up with either criminals/selfish / senseless/ inefficient leaders and the weapon we have to confront such leaders  is NOT TO VOTE.  The fact that we have the right, not to choose any of the candidates form the voting list makes our right even more precious. But the problem is that most of us aren’t aware of such a right.

As per the Conduct of Elections Rules, 1969 Act, in Section 49-O that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked, and convey to the presiding election officer that he/she doesn’t want to vote for anyone! Yes, such a feature is available, but obviously these seemingly notorious leaders have never disclosed it. It is called “49-O”. In an extremely corrupt system, there is a provision for such a right and this could be attributed to our constitution.

Indian constitution is the longest written constitution of any independent nation in the world, containing 395 articles. And our constitution has snippets from other constitutions like that of Russia and a dozen other countries. A constitution that has taken a year and half to be properly structured and framed and put to function.  A consequence of such a rich constitution is that we have been endowed with a right to voice our views openly and freely. We could condemn the elections saying that we don’t wish to elect anyone, the most obvious reason for which is that the candidate is not worth the post.

Well the scene on the other side is not very encouraging; here is the peak in to the voters’ and the candidates’ profile:

There are 730 million registered voters in India, an increase of 40 million since 2004. Voting will be conducted at 800,000 polling booths and 1,368,430 electronic voting machines. Of the candidates announced, at least 70 have criminal cases pending against them. The charges include murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion and assault.

According to a study, the national average of people who took cash to cast their votes was found to be 22 percent in the general category and 37 percent in BPL (below the poverty line) families. The BPL sector fails to understand that the rich-poor divide in India is largely because they choose the wrong leaders….

The middle class most often does not bother about the elections most often… they are happy to do their work religiously and vote their leaders on an alternative basis…. and we really can’t blame them …

With such imbalances in the system we could just hope that the system is free of corruption one day and truly deserving candidates make it all the way to the Lok Sabha….


This is me, a nascent blogger, who has carefully taken every step possible to get some attention over the “BLOGOSPHERE”. Few weeks of research and here I go with my very first post on nadhis corner.

Well, to be honest I didn’t believe in the digital medium and have always, always considered it intangible. But it would be unfair to be persistent on my beliefs after having read through so much about social media and also without giving it a full-fledged and whole hearted try.

So nadhis corner is my experimentation….. And I hope to see positive results…. J

I have taken a sincere resolution that I shall be an active blogger… And I have got really valuable tips from my colleagues which should keep me going….

There isn’t much to say about myself but my core interests are Cricket, Music (by music I mean only AR Rahman, sorry!!! But I am a diehard fan), Indian History and politics. Politics in the every sense of it….

I am information savvy and you could probably notice me logged on to Google most of the time… I just cannot imagine the plight of people who existed BG (B4 Google)…

nadhis corner would contain everything on Cricket, ARR, Politics, Current happenings and of course my little contribution to social media and Digital Marketing…..